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copy + strategy.

I hooked PM Boris Johnson.  I can hook your everyday clients and help you profitize your venture.

Non-profit clients I’ve profitized

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Are you fed up of leads who slink away? Is your small business or non-profit poorly presented?

You need copy that hooks — and converts your dream client or donor to buy, donate, sign up.

As a former news correspondent, 15+ years of in-person interviews and 900+ published articles have taught me exactly how to catch people with words. And keep ‘em.

I had to quiz a bolting PM Boris Johnson in <two minutes.He stormed off like a tantruming toddler stopped in the doorway, spun ‘round, and answered. Every. Single. (Sticky.) Question.
Group 70

My copy will get your ideal clients nodding vigorously as they read.

Thats' because of my complete copy writing combo

Competitive analysis

We scourge the market to see what’s standard in the industry — and how you can stand out-ter.

Customer research

Interviews with actual customers, where we weave their language into your copy to talk directly to similar prospects.

Conversion boosters

Persuasion principles and marketing magic that infat-you-ate your prospects

I get them. The final copy will think-aloud their hearts. And minds. Disclaimer: It might even sell them mid-senten —

The CST GuaranT

Brand boosting

I’m a qualified brand strategist, who helps you develop your identity — so you stan dout. Like this typo.


I don’t work for you; I work with you. You tell me your goals and dreams, I’ll be off on a marathon to get you there.


I don’t aim to meet deadlines. I aim to beat ‘em. So whatever I tell you, put your hopes higher. And then some.

Clients I hooked

Hook, line and sinker

Long story short

I’m C.S.Teitelbaum.
They call me CST. [see-yes-tee]
‘Yes’ is my middle name. It’s at the heart of everything I write.

I take your lukewarm prospects and on-the-fence donors and move them from :





"YESSS! I'm in"

But don't trust me blindly

While you’re at it, trust the 100+ everyday clients who come back for thirds.

"So CST:

What can you do for me today?"

…or I can do it for your competition.

‘Cos it’s a shame to leave your prospects’ money on the table.

Ad concept+copy that takes your readers for a joyride and makes them drool…even if you’re not promoting a double choc sundae.


Don’t do run-of-the-mill. Give your organization a shmorg of one-in-a-mill campaign messaging…so donors smile as they swipe.


Get web copy that works for you even when you’re not working, because conversion copy does that…and get clicks while you snooze. 


I've done it for them....

This Paintplus increased call response
from their old ad
This nonprofit website drew 197donations in the first 3 months of its launch, totalling a
650% ROI
on my fees.
Click Here
This campaign copy helped London Hatzola surpass their £3 million fundraising goal.

...I'll do it for you

And thanks to these shmancy seals (which hold months and $$$$ of training), be sure you won’t get stand-ard. You’ll get stand-out.

So that your new copy wins your prospects’ hearts — and wallets.

Get headline worthy copy from

an international journalist-cum-copywriter

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