Encounters with top brass led me to win your clients

During my 15+ years as a news journalist and feature writer, I was:

shoved before then-Mayor Boris Johnson to challenge him about protection for London Jews, days after the terrible Charlie Hebdo-kosher supermarket terrorist attack.

flown first-class to Gibraltar by Hamodia to grill Prime Minister Fabian Picardo about his affinity for the local Jews.

put in a room with then-Education Minister, Michael Gove — and my high-school headmistress! — to ask Gove some thorny questions the school board wanted answered.

At each, I was trembling. My outer confidence was a total show.  But to my amazement, my interviewees were not able to hide their nerves. 

Every one of them stuttered in response, scratching their heads searching for an answer. (I’d have had a mitzvah giving them a glass of water.)

Why am I boring you with this?

Not to say that I’m intimidating. I’m not. But apparently you can’t ignore my questions.They’re un-ignorable (if thats a word).

So I figured, why write cover features and news articles that people read for the sake of reading, when I can use the skill to get people to ACT. 

To buy. Donate. Sign up.

Buh-bye journalist. Hello salesperson.

I write copy that sells. Your prospects won’t be able to walk away from your offer without serious FOMO.

I don’t exaggerate. No way. I simply dig deep to uncover your unique selling point and use proven persuasion techniques to present it with words that sell.

So your prospects believe that you, your product or your offer will change their lives for the better.

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